Because this is my first blog I think it is appropriate to introduce myself shortly. My name is Christian, 20 years old, I'm from the Netherlands and I study International Business Administration and Philosophy at Tilburg University. I have been playing poker for a few years, but never for real money, until this week.
So this week I wired some euro's to my pokerstars account and I was ready to play for real money. Because I'm not able to play for a lot of hours every day, I decided to mainly play 45 and 90 man Sit & go's with a buyin of 25 and 50 cent. Which so far isn't going bad at all.
I haven't been able to cash in all tournaments, but so far my bankroll is positive.
Which brings me to today. I had a good feeling about playing poker today so I started up 2 tournaments, 1 25 cent 90 man Sit & go and a 50 cent 90 man turbo Sit & go. The 25 cent tournament didn't go that well, did not end in the money there, but the 50 cent tournament went very well.
Whereas normally I have the tendency to make stupid mistakes that cost me a lot of chips, this time everything went almost perfectly. In most tournaments my mistake is to play too loose, play too many hands that have a low potential of becoming a good hand. This time I decided to play more tight, which went very well. I won some good pots which made me one of the bigger stacks in the tournament. I felt it was going very well, and it was. I reached the final table and opponents began to fall one by one, until there were none left, which meant I was about $11 richer :p. It felt really good to win, and I hope this is the start of something good