Something's happened. After months away following an initial burst of interest in poker (thanks Vicky), I'm back and pouring hours into the game. The more I play and learn, the more subtlety and nuance I discover. Sitting at the table and playing the game feels like being drawn down towards a magic pool where a beautiful nymph is smiling up from beneth the surface; beckoning; promising sweet pleasures. Even while I'm away dealing with the rest of life, I find myself being pulled, inexorably, back to the water's edge.

But it's early days. Right now this blog is pointless to a strategist. Perhaps pointless to anyone except me. I have no expertise to offer. No insights to give. No secrets to divulge. Just  a dream and the desire to play. And that's enough. I write this as a testament to the beginning that, maybe one day, I'll look back on from a very different place. A record of the first tentative steps along the road less travelled.

I don't walk it alone. Even the most famous names of poker have had these experiences. Firstly learning the mechanics of the game, then absorbing the strategy and some eventually mastering it. Everyone learns the game and understands the rules and the plays but not every poker player reaches for the stars. Many don't want to, or aren't compelled, or just want to keep poker a hobby; a distraction from the mundanities of life. Nothing wrong with that.

Me? I want to know what's at the bottom of the pool.