February has been a month of upheaval for me, and that hasn't helped my poker playing or my league score any.  Oh well, I've decided that for now I'm evidently destined to be one of the rank and file chosen to flesh out the lower ranks of the ladder.  My day will come to move up.  Today isn't it... I can live with that.

Seagull_2005 and I have decided to part ways.  He's heading off for bright lights, I'm staying in Kentucky.  Best thing for both of us. 

I don't know if I'm going to get my 20 VPPs for this month or not.  It isn't looking too good, right now.  I'm about halfway there and have a week to go.

Oops, PSO 530 is about to start... gotta bail!

More coming (sooner than this post did, I promise!)...