There is a lot to be learnt from the games here and it is a great place to experiment (if you don't mind being knocked out early on occasion and points are not the main issue for you: as well as being called a donk or whatever whilst you experiment). As your game grows you will be able to take the successful lessons and experiments with you to other games and indeed other sites. I can play for over 100hrs over the course of a month in the league to get maybe $3; but I can also play for maybe only 3-4 hours in similar freeroll formats and get over $5. But I would not have won the $5 without having spent several months at Poker Stars on this forum and playing/experimenting in the league games.

For me it is all about development and not the frustrations of betting into a hand and getting beaten regardless of the villain's hole cards. Perhaps they are experimenting too or are only looking at a limited view compared to the whole world of poker (they are playing within the rules all said and done).

It is said that 'in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king'. Learn to use that eye!

Either way, the 'blind' are not unique to the league games. It can come as a bit of a wake up call when you, say, slap $3 into a 1 table SNG only to find the same all-in mentality or 12-to-24xBB is standard for some who are playing with absolute air.

The league games help us to handle these and many other situations- don't knock it: use it.

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