How many times have I seen in chat windows someone being called a Donk? Too many to count.

What is a Donk though?

Many times it means the person losing is throwing his/her toys out of the pram, stamping foot on the ground and crying his/her eyes out at being beaten by a better hand (often the name caller would be better suited to being called a Donk but that is just my opinion).

Lets look at the following story (the names of the innocent have been changed to proctect the gulity :wink: ) from a ficticious player that joined the PokerStars Online School League in September.

A chap plays K6s and bets 2/3  of the pot post flop when two of the suit arrives on the table. If he does not get a Runner he does not get his flush. He does not. He is called a flush chasing Donk.

He continues to play such hands, including low pairs, suited paint and unsuited connectors. The name calling continues and yet his chip stack is increasing overall.

Later peeps with bigger stacks start shoving at him. Odd but the chap seems to know when to shove back and when to fold! Most on the table do not appear to see this however.

Two months down the line the line the chap is way at the front of the leaderboard and getting respect from other players.

So was he a donk?

Maybe not. To start with he has been playing poker online and at live events for some time (3 plus years) and knows how to 'small ball' (see databyter's post for more info).

He also thinks at a higher level than many in the PSO league (he has gotten past the 'I know what hand I have' and the "what hand may the villain be holding" and ... there are several more levels of thinking that is second nature to a pro but hard for many of us particularly given the time we have to play a hand and the amount of mental effort involved in getting the creaking brain cells to move about a bit in the right direction (for further information 'speak' to Jdean and/or internet search for poker multiple level thinking (David Sklansky wrote about this).

He is also aware of when to 'hold em and when to fold em' because he has commited the starting hand % to memory and also the % of a probable win as the cards are dealt. He knows when to shove and from where. He is aware of the 3 Ps.

Sooooooooo before you are tempted to call someone a Donk, just stop and spend a few seconds in thought in case it is actually yourself that you are calling the Donk because of YOUR lack of knowledge.