How to  combat the Bingo Betty method  of play (all in virtually every hand during the beginning stages of a tournament).

Unfortunately I believe that internet  poker encourages this method. There are tournaments and sit & go that are designed toward aggression only (eg start with 900 chips, ante immediately, blinds every 4 or 5 mins etc). There is even one that is a pay to enter and you are AUTOMATICALLY all-in until knocked out (how that is actually called Poker is beyond me but then what do I know). Many freerolls that have say 27000 to 40000 seats but only 0.something% places 'paid out' means a mega stack is vital and a few risks up front could pay dividends later - eg allow the large stack to bully bully bully until another large stack comes along.

How to deal with Bingo Betties? Three stages:

1) Patience - she is ALWAYS right! A gladiator does not just hack hack hack but waits for the right chance to get behind the defences and deal a crippling or killer thrust. This also conserves energy which you will need for later. You will also note that slamming all in with low blinds often brings very little reward. Of course two Bingo Betties going at it means one will donate all of his/her stack to the other in sacrifice. Even strong players will not always win either. HOWEVER, you can quite often get from 1500 or so chips to £30,000 over three hands in later stages. Isn't that much more rewarding than slamming all in and risking everything for 1500 chips? Case in point, I had 2k chips. 17k chip stack bullying table for the past five hands. I folded BB and SB to villain. Whooo Hooo AA hole cards. I stuck to my earlier play method - not over betting but betting the same amounts on each street regardless since I had the strength to do this**. Mr V rams home chips. I waver and wait a little while. Should I or shouldn't I kind of time :wink: . I meet his bet. He slams in double the amount of his last bet. I meet that after a respectable time considering his bet. He demands an all in from me. I oblige. GAME, SET, MATCH I have 5k chips :twisted: and my earlier play (setting a trap for when I am up against a bully like this). Like a spider, I take my place back in my lair and check my web in preparation for the next foray in the life or death struggle of poker. 5 hands later my stack went from 5k to 13k7. I am still in the tournament so cannot update this post further (Mr Villian is out already so his  Bingo Betty method did not work for long).

**(I should note that my particular betting method is specific to the particular site, game and tournament stage I was in at the time since I know the type of player there fairly well.)

2) Position - play out of position at your peril

3) Power - Tight Aggressive play - remember 1k5 chips to over 13k chips in two played hands as noted above.

imho is the answer (as it is to many of the scenarios discussed on this and other forums). You will obviously lose sometimes since, apart from a split pot, someone has to win and one, if not more, has to lose.

As long as there is a good element of chance in the game of poker the Bingo Betty types will be with us.

Don't get annoyed, get even. Exercise the 3 Ps every day and you will be successful more often than unsuccessful over the long term. (You also get a verrrrrrry good feeling when a plan comes together and you eliminate a Bingo Betty.) The more you exercise the 3Ps the more you see the positive results the easier it becomes to exercise the 3Ps time and time again.