What is a bad beat? To many it means that they started with a stronger set of hole cards than their opponent but lose the hand to the opponent who ends up with a stronger hand as the hand develops: eg you have, say, QQ and bet strongly and get beaten by someone holding, say, 99 who ends up getting triple 9s.

What many seem to forget is that there are 52 cards in a pack and they allllll have potential and should be utilized. Yes it is annoying when someone beats our strong hole cards or indeed our strongest hand on the Turn but we get beaten on the River: but that is POKER. It is a very intriguing game. If we ALWAYS won because we hold the strongest hole cards I don't think many would bother playing the game for long because it would too boring.

Should peeps shove with weak hands? Why not? They are entitled to. They are not breaking any rules. Just because they do not play the way you would like them to does not make them wrong. They may be weak players compared to you but they are entitled to play the way they want within the rules of Poker and hands do develop as the 'streets' unfold..

Are there 'donk' moves and bad beats on high stakes tables? Most certainly. Just watch http://www.pokerstars.tv/  and the rerun of the Sunday Million. The 21st November rerun for instance - even the comentator noted the amount of 'bad beats' that were happening. He noted it as 'Its like Bad Beat Final Table, Bad Beat City - welcome to it'. The amount of times the River card made all the difference was quite staggering.

Poker is poker.

Keep the faith. Don't get annoyed - Get even.