This is my own experience and this post is without predjudice.

I have read peeps' chat remarks on various sites all effectively saying the same thing 'online poker is rigged/fixed'. Undoubtedly in many cases this is just a shock reaction to a stronger set of hole cards being beaten by a weaker set as the play developed...or is it?

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In a galaxaaaaaay far far away ...

Case 1
I had a dormant account since there were not any freerolls available unless one made a deposit first. OK fair enough. I duly trotted off to the Loo/John/Jon and made said deposit. For some reason, and still a total mystery to me, this did not work and so I did not use the account. and unintalled the software HA, I got my own back!

Well, a month or so later I received an email saying I had been 'given' an amount of money to try out the casino. All I had to do was download the software and off I could go. Well the deal was simple: if I had qaudrupled my initial 'gift' within something like 30 days I could take the money and run as it were. I downloaded and installed and thought oookay poker here I come. This turned out be me against the house - H2H end of story/period.

I noticed two things fairly quickly

1) this exercise was going to take a  loooooong time.

2) perhaps I should not play with next to nothing on since support was lacking and flopping the nuts brought a whole new meaning to my life!).

As long as my stake was literally a few 'pennies' I would win many more times that I would lose. My bank roll began to grow; but at such a slow rate it was growing moss! So I increased my stake. What a difference that made! Suddenly the house started winning a few more hands. So I logged out. Left it alone for half an hour then logged back in and tried again at the same level. Sure enough, the first few hands I won and then things changed to favour the house. Hmm coincidence? Lets try again. So I logged off and left it alone for half an hour. Logged back on and the same again. So I dropped the bet level and I started winning again! Well poker is poker and a very intriguing game but when one either wins virtually every hand or loses virtually every hand it becomes boring. So I upped the bet level again and just played and played. Quite simply the house won EVERY SINGLE HAND until 'my' money was gone. Could I have quadrupled the 'gift' in the said time? Possibly, if I played 24 hours a day at the lowest bet level. In this instance was the software 'rigged' in favour of the house? I firmly believe so.

Lets face it: why would a gambling concern give me some of its own money and then allow me to increase that amount by four times and take it without me putting any of my own money into the venture? That, quite simply, does not make good business sense.

Case 2

6,9 and 10 seat Sit and Go - single table or Multi Table Tournaments No Limit Hold Em.

The human psyche is an interesting phenomenom. It remembers painful and bad experiences more so than pleasurable ones (well it does in MY case). Possibly because our very lives may have depended on making the right decisions when we lived in caves with the odd Tyranasaurus Rex mosying around and indeed still does if we don't want to get run over etc.

Therefore we tend to remember those times that we hold say, on the button , K10 and the flop is 10 2 7. Yahooo top pair, high kicker.

The turn - 10. Wha hayyyy Trips. Get the wheelbarrow out and start loading up the chips!

River 6. Chuck the lot in. Lets get pay day sorted and paint the town Red.

Villain (who is Under The Gun) and has been swinging from the trees as he/she shoves chips in at every opportunity,  shows 22.

So what made this hand strong made his/hers even stronger (in this case the nuts), even though the schools and books etc say don't play 22 under the gun. The air, until now totally invisible, suddenly turns blue and becomes very very hot. Expletives such as 'oh heck'. 'blast', 'son of a gun would you believe that?'  etc are mentioned in passing: and of course the favourite 'this site is rigged'.

At this point we totally forget the time when villian flopped full house and we were short stacked and went all in only to get OUR stronger full house on the River and doubled up.

Back to my original question: Is online poker rigged? It has been proven to be the case in at least one instance (check out the internet and you will see that one site had to reimburse rather a lot of money to its customers). Are all sites that offer cash prizes via genuine freerolls, or take deposits from customers rigged? Well software is software and has to be programmed and can be programmed to favour one or more players; but in all honesty I doubt it is worth it for a multi billion $ business to risk its reputation and bank roll to do so. If one has been caught others could be too and why bother when the house rake brings in billions of $ a year? So lets be sensible about this. OK?

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my trip QQQ has just been beaten by quad 2s!! This site is definately .........

Chuckle muscle mode off.