What to put in a blog and keep it interesting? My British sense of humour does not always sit well with some peeps of other nations so do excuse me if I appear to offend you; it is not intentional. However, although what I say may offend you, please be aware that what you say may offend me - so who is right and who is wrong?

Sense of humour 101
First of all for the girls - I am male and therefore CANNOT be wrong.
Noted in a public lavatory:
'Here I sit broken hearted, paid a penny and only ......' You finish it off.
"What are you looking up here for??? Ashamed???

OK that's the toilet humour out of the way.

What life has taught me:
1) The more I know, the more I know I don't know.
2) There are three types of people in this world - Those that can count and those that can't.
3 ) I am not perfect, in fact I thought I made a mistake yesterday; but I was wrong.
4) When one door closes, another slams in your face.

On to Poker:
She is the light of my Life and three times a day is not enough! However I always finish up totally drained and spent; but like a Bee I get a buzz out of life.

Poker has developed over the years and is one of life's intriguing games. It takes but seconds to learn the rules but potentially a lifetime to master the skills of warfare that enable you to join the battleground on your terms, lay traps and (like the character in Silence of the Lambs) set about the slaughter in a refined manner.

Worth remembering at ALL times:
  • KA is beaten by 22
  • KK AA is beaten by 222
  • Don't put lots of chips into the Stupid (low) End of a straight. Villain is bound to have one if not two cards to put on the top
  • Every hand you play has the potential to lose you all of your chips as well as being able to progress you
  • No matter what your physical condition is DON'T LIMP. If you are going to play a hand have some metaphorical balls and Raise; if not Fold
  • Fold to Win is a valid method of play (if it is not strong - fold it, if it started out strong but became weak- fold it)
  • Don't Bluff until your table image allows it
  • If you bluff, a loose-maniac is bound to call you
  • Small balling (see pso forum and Databyter's posts for more details) is a skill and takes time to learn to play it effectively
  • Any two hole cards has the potential to win the hand. Don't get upset when your AA gets slaughtered by a shovemonkey holding 27o and  flops two pair.
On the matter of the Poker School and freerolls (although my post does have parallels with poker in general).This was an answer I gave to someone who does not take the PSO league in the least bit seriously and noting that a freeroll is free.

"Not exactly free. We pay for our own time and resources. Time being the most important and indeed costly since it can never be recouped.

Many think the idea of a poker school is very good and aim to learn, improve and enjoy. Others take the time to read the required scripts, take the test and then totally ignore what they have read and treat the school like a bingo hall. Donk/Manic/Super Loose/Super Aggressive are all valid methods of play of course: however, as you probably know already, Tight Aggressive is considered the best method for earning money/points etc over a period of time and many here are trying to get to that state.

People who take the school seriously get frustrated at so much loose play is all, hence so many 'bad beat' posts. Personally I do not think there is anything such as a 'bad beat' or a 'suck out'. Poker is poker and as long as there is a hefty wedge of chance involved all that matters is the winning hand on that particular round.

What, I think, most peeps get annoyed at (including me) is they are expecting the enjoyment of a Job Well Done knowing that two gladiators went up against each other with similar weapons and mutual respect is earned: rather than finding out right at the end as the death strike is dealt that the other gladiator was just a spectator who accidentally fell in the ring."

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Thats it for now. If your chuckle muscles have had a bit of a work out, my job is done.