Current bankroll :140.91

Pretty big move up in the world since last time I posted a blog right? Well I kind of deposited some more money. I actually still consider my bankroll to be minus $26 because I deposited to take advantage of the deposit bonus going on this August. Pokerstars rewarded me with $10 for the deposit bonus so I'm quite happy about that! if you subtracted the $36 I'm down to just under $105, so overall I'm still down $10 my original deposit, and $4 since I started this challenge. I won't be playing with the money I deposited this week, nor will I be playing with my next two deposits I will be making in order to try and get the deposit bonuses in the subsequent weeks. Once the 24th of August has passed, I will withdraw at the very least, the 80 ish dollars I have deposited to take advantage of the bonuses, and I'm still considering whether or not to withdraw the bonuses too. That will probably depend on how much I win, or gain in the bonuses to come. 

At this point I have followed my Bankroll rules. I have yet played a SNG more than 5% of my BR in a single game, and the most expensive MTTs I have played in have been $2.20. I was going to play mostly just the $1.50 9 person SNGs to grind, but I decided that I want to multi table 4-6 games at a time because that way I can keep my focus on poker, and not elsewhere, and I didn't want to risk 3-6% of my BR at a time. I decided I would reduce the risk, and dropped myself to the 50 cent SNGs. There's multiple reasons why I want to take the most conservative risk management route.

First off, I hadn't been grinding online poker like this in a long time. Last time I was playing like this I was living in my parents house about a year and a half ago. So the fact that I have gone into a grind mode like this is a bit new to me and I want to be able to make sure I'm making the right plays enough times to be profitable in the long run in these games. There are so many bad players in these games that I should without a doubt end up a winner. Second off, I want to make sure I remember how to play this game correctly. That's sort of the same reason as the first, but small differences. If I take a break, and a long break from playing poker, then often I can be rusty, make poor decisions, and make bad reads.  

I also get a ton of games to play, I get to put myself in a lot of situations, I get to really put in my due time, and hands, and decisions, and I would have to lose a lot before I go broke. I get to make sure I'm constantly keeping track of every game and every result. If I take these extremely low limits very seriously, then once I'm winning and making a consistant (as consistant as a poker player can get) win rate, get more comfortable multi tabling, play better, and increase my bankroll, I'll move my SNG games up.


Since starting my challenge I have so far played 64 SNGs in total. This includes 1 Spin N Go, which I played before I made my own rule about the buy in for that. I've tracked every single game on an excel file that I found and my results have been ok. The one Spin N Go I played actually screws up my stats on the excel sheet due to the number of players being weird for this program. I've busted 5th-9th 29 times (46%), on the bubble 10 times (16%). I've won 9 times (14%), finished 2nd 10 times (16%) and ended up 3rd 4 times(6%).  The percentages add up to 98% because of the Spin N Go, but I think these are decent numbers so far. I've cashed in total 36% of the time which I would think would be pretty average due to the fact that if you played 9 people of the same strength everyone would cash 33% of the time, and I'm a little higher than that. I've profited a total of $11.25 and have a current ROI of 19.23%. I think this is good, maybe it's still too small of a sample size, but numbers appear to be pretty good so far. 

I find it very interesting actually that my numbers when I reach the top three are pretty good. Over 80% of the time I make it to at least Heads Up when I cash, and half are wins and half are losses. I definitely need to clean up my game though, because being average in a game full of fish and bad players is not a recipe for success. That means I've definitely have leaks in my game, which though I am profitable in the micros, does not mean I will be profitable in the low stakes or higher if I don't get it solved shortly. I'll be looking at my hand histories for sure, and will be posting some hands on here to try and get some feedback. 

As for MTTs, I've played 22 games that I have counted. I don't count freerolls that I don't cash in because it doesn't affect my bankroll. The tournaments I have paid to play thusfar have an average of buy in of $1.07 (ranging from $0.11-$2.20 for an average of just under 1% of my 105 dollar bankroll. My rule is the buy in has to be max 2% of my BR. I haven't done all that well so far. I've cashed 13.64% of the time, and have an ROI of -75%. A lot of that has to do with just poor decisions on my part. I finally ran well, and played well in a couple tournaments today. I played a $1.10 turbo that I played very well in, and got very unlucky in a huge pot that would have put my chip leader halfway through the field at that point. I also played a $1.35 KO tournament which I cashed $2.68 and knocked out 7 players at a quarter a piece to also earn $1.75. I ended up making a really bad call that ended up being my demise with just over 300 people left to go, but I keep making costly mistakes (normally just takes one), or run quite badly in the tournaments.

The good thing about MTT tournaments, is I just need one tournament I play almost perfectly, run very well, and I'll be on the positive side without a doubt. 


Well that's my challenge update. I wrote this at 3 in the morning so if it's boring, sorry. Poker players who expect to be as good as I expect to be know you gotta deal with some boring numbers and tracking stats to know how I'm doing. I might actually start getting more involved in other online poker communities to get more readers so that I get more people commenting. If anyone has any site to recommend please let me know. I was thinking 2+2, though I have an account on there, I haven't actually gotten involved in that community and think it would be a great site to network on, but I would like your opinions on the site and what other site would be good as well, or better.