Well my first post about this challenge was 12 days ago. My original deposit in early July was $115 USD, and I had been fluctuating up and down for the most part of the month. When I started keeping track of my progress personally, instead of relying strictly on poker pro labs to track my results, I am up a whopping three fiddy. Well actually a little less that that I just always wanted to reference "The Micros", haha. I started tracking my results when I was at 109.03 in my account, I'm actually at 109.68 to be up .65 cents. I'm still technically down just over $5 from my original deposit, but it's so close and one SNG win puts me at even, one good score from an MTT puts me in the profit zone, or one lucky cash game is all I need to be in the winners zone. 


My results are not super awesome, but I'm actually pretty happy to be at break even after I started tracking myself. The games aren't quite that easy for me and I haven't really done a whole lot to improve my game yet. So the fact that my mediocre game is good enough to be break even at this point I think is a really good accomplishment, and shows that I have a lot of potential at this point to really crush these micro games. 

I've been following my bankroll rules that I have set up thusfar. I have played a few freerolls so far, and I have a current total of 9 tickets for the Round 2 games that I intend to play every Saturday and Sunday from here on out until $215 won't be useful to my bankroll anymore. Hold'em saturdays will be tough as everyone knows how to play hold'em and donkeys can shove and take me out in the first hand, but it's worth the risk for free anyways, but the real chance at winning money for me are on Sundays since most players don't know how to play mixed games. I'm not the greatest at them either, but better than the average player at these stakes. Mixed games freerolls are also optimal, and easier to crush people who are just trying to create the games into an "all in" festival. 


My goal for the freerolls is essentially to win 2 tickets a week so that I always have the ticket reserves available in my account for every week until as I said before, my bankroll would not be significantly bigger without the top prize. (probably at around $1k). 

I do have to create withdraw goals for my bankroll as well. The point of poker is to make money, and once my bankroll starts increasing I have to withdraw money because, that way I can use it in my life (duh lol). I don't know how I want to do this and would like some suggestions from you guys. 


Since I started this blogging and tracking, I have played a grand total of 16 tournament results (11 buyins, 5 freerolls). I haven't counted all the freerolls that I didn't cash in, or the freerolls with just tickets as the prize. I have cashed once in a freeroll for .85 cents, and have had no luck in any of the paid tournaments. My max buy has been 2.20 (twice), and 2.70 (once). Most of my buyins have been $1.10 or less. I saw some comments in my second "setting myself up for success" blog and people commented that they would change my MTT rules to 1% of my BR which makes sense to me as it would give me double the amount of BI's I would have for MTTs which makes a lot of sense to me. But remember, that's my MAXIMUM, buy in for the MTTs. anything in the 2% range is me taking shots here and there so I'm alright with that, though I might play less amount of games because that does make sense to me to make about 75% of my MTTs at 1%. 


My other game that I've played most has been the Sit N Go tournaments (9 person). My BR rule for that is anything under 5% is acceptable, though remember the same rule applies for the MTTs that anything in the 3-5% is taking shots, so for the most part I am keeping my buy ins under that. Hence I have only played $1.50 since I started this challenge. I have played a total of 22 SNGs (1 spin N go, but that was in the beginning of my challenge before I made the 1% rule for those games, I haven't play any of those since). I have cashed so far, 45.45 % of the time, for a grand total of $11.91 in profits (4 firsts, 4 seconds, and 1 third). Not bad, could be better, but I'm up and that's all the matters, and as I said before I haven't done anything to improve my game yet, no strategy videos, no books, no hand reviews, just strictly playing and making the best decisions I could. 

I'm actually down .88 cents in my tournaments, that would be due to the fact I haven't done anything special in any MTTs yet, so essentially that's break even. Again not amazing, but not bad either so I'm quite happy with my results. 


The reason I'm up a little bit of money was my cash game last night on Stud 8. I know I said I don't play many cash games, but I really liked stud 8 back in the days when I used to play on Full Tilt. I remember there wasn't a ton of action, but the action that was there had so many bad players that it still was very profitable. So I had a little itch to play. I bought in for $5, (it's within the 5% of my BR rule). I played for about 20 minutes with 5 players at the table and I didn't too too bad. I picked a bad seat beside a pretty good player on my right, but I had a couple of bad players in the game that in the end made me profitable. I left with $6.53 for a profit of $1.53. Not bad for being rusty, and I know if I picked  amore optimal time, (instead of midnight with one table going), I could have done better, but I'm still happy with the result.


My plan for today was to get up early today and start grinding. I know in two weeks, I haven't played nearly enough SNGs to make a significant difference in my bankroll. I think if I put in more volume that I would be in the profit zone. The reason I have a small volume is because I haven't scheduled myself well enough to sit down and just grind as I plan to, and also because when I play I only played one table at a time. I'm used to Multi tabling 4 at a time, but I was thinking if I played one table I'd be able to focus better. Turns out it was worst for my focus because while waiting for my turn I would hop on facebook and play other games do to being a little bored. I started multi tabling back to four a couple days ago and I turned out to focus better knowing my turn would be soon. I'd like to multi table 6-8 in the future, but four makes sense so that if I go on a losing streak that I don't drop too much. If my BR drops then I mightdrop from 4 to 3 to 2 tables so that I can focus more on my play. I also have started playing music to keep myself more focused on the game instead of distractions.

Well some things got in the way of my plan this morning (a few life things that are very important), but I finished most of what I need to do today and anything else will be solved/finished this weekend and Monday. So now I'm focused on scheduling my poker life to be a little more organized and put the work in that needs to be put in.


As always please provide me with your input, and comments. Though there's not a lot of people on here, the people who are provide me with great input and suggestions. I've taken most as I know I'm not a perfect decision maker, but that's why I'm honest about what I've been doing and my reasonings behind them.


I'm excited for my hand review next weekend! I sent in my hand review from the 3rd event in the Micro Millions to be reviewed. I'm excited to see how good/bad I actually am in the eyes of everyone else picking my play apart. Maybe I'm actually horrible and have no idea, and maybe I'm better than I thought I was, and at the same time scared I am really bad and just got lucky. Never had this done for me before.

Best of luck on the tables!