Starting bankroll: $109


How did I end up 3 dollars higher than my last blog despite not playing any games? Good question, it was a nice surprise, but I found out that the one of the freerolls I was in for doing the past challenges, apparently I sat out and made it far enough to catch a free $3. Not bad.

Well August has started, my friend who I let stay in my apartment left last night, and it's time to get to work. I think I should create another post after this declaring my goals for August when it comes to this game and maybe a couple life goals outside of this game. 

I started the day playing in the PLH/PLO Freeroll today, Held Pocket 9's on a K39 board. I went all in against a player holding K3 who rivered the King to knock me out. 

Since then I've been reading other peoples blogs, and giving my opinions to some people. Now I'm ready to get to work and set myself up for success. Before I go any farther and play any more games, I need to sit down and as I talked about in my last blog, set myself up for success and make plans before I play any more games, even freerolls until I know my rules 100% inside and out. I've even created a note to carry around with my so that I always read it and know what rules I'm following. I've taken comments from people who have read my blogs thusfar, and when the rules make sense to me, I add them. I very often make mistakes in my decisions, but thankfully, I learn from them and am more than willing to receive feedback. 

Here are the rules I'm following followed by an explanation for each rule. Please comment if you agree or disagree with my rules.

My rules thusfar:

Rule #1

- I will only play in SNGs which are 5% of my bankroll or lower (Exception for $.50 games seeing as they are the lowest games I can play).

By SNGs I refer to 9 person games. I do not play 2-6 person STTs because I get more value from my money if I win the 9 person games. 5% might be a bit high, but that's my maximum buy in when I'm taking shots while I'm playing well, and appear to be on a good rush. I'm not sure if I could add 18 people SNGs to the 5%, but it's still an MTT and think I will leave it in that category until further notice.

Rule #2

- I will only play MTTs which are 2% of my bankroll or lower. I will not play Rebuy tournaments until I figure out my buy in rule for that. But at this moment, I am not allowed to play rebuy tournaments until further notice. 

MTTs include Sit and Go (18-360 people) and Schedule tournaments. Due to the variance of MTTs, this makes sense, and maybe I should only make the buy in 1% max, but I think both work. I also might change the SNG rule to include 18-27 people, but not yet.

Rule #3

- I can only play with a maximum of 2% of my bankroll in Cash games, and will leave as soon as my cash on the table exceeds 5% of my bankroll. 

I think most people would have a higher number for cash games, but I'm not much of a cash game player. My skills are suited for tournament style games. However I understand if my bankroll takes a big hit, grinding cash games are probably the way to go. More often than not I won't be playing cash games, and ZOOM games will not be played until further notice. 


-I can only play in Spin and Gos which are 0.5% of my bankroll

I don't know most peoples opinions on these games, but I love them. I like Heads-up games and I do pretty well in them so far. If you play well enough to win 50% of the time, you can be a huge winner if you get the right spins. Though I should not play them with a low bankroll as they are basically coin flips, at least in the micro buy-ins. 


- I can only play in Satellite tournaments which are 0.5% of my bankroll. 

I don't play many satellites anyways, but obviously they are a great way of having the ability to take a shot in higher limits. When my bankroll grows, this number might rise to 1-2%, but that won't be for a while.

Rule #6

- I must keep track of every session, every tournament, even if it's a freeroll.

If I want to make a job out of this game, I have to know how good or bad my results are. Maybe I'm playing great and running bad, maybe I'm playing bad but running like a god. Either way, results long term, will be a result of how good I'm playing and whether or not I can take a shot, go down in stakes, or get someone to take a look at my game to find leaks, or find the dreaded job to help support myself/reload my bankroll. 


Well those are my rules. I may add or adjust my rules as I see fit. Make a comment below about how you find these rules, and what you would add or change. I'm going to make a couple of folders on my computer right now to keep track of hand histories, bankroll rules, session results, and grind a couple of tournaments or SNGs so I can start playing and winning some money! The blog will be updated when I have a final result for my bankroll today.