Alright so this is the second day of me blogging on here. Started off the day today expecting to just play a couple of small games, decided to play a little more after a great 2nd place out of 80 something people in a $2 (1R1A) MTT HORSE tournament. I haven't played any mixed games for a while so I wasn't expecting to do all that well. Blew my stack early being a little too loose and had to rebuy, which was when I started getting cards and i also bought the add-on to have $6 of my $80 bankroll. Maybe not the best br management, but knowing most players here are probably worse than me in these micro games, and 80 bucks not being much money anyways I risked it. Ended up winning a total of $59.20 for my troubles. Bringing my total bankroll to just under $130. I've lost some money since then so I don't remember how much I had in total.

With this nice win, I decided to take a shot in the Sunday Storm Micro Millions tournament where I played like complete crap. Again I know it's not great BR management, but I view it as if I was essentially freerolling from the earlier tournament. 

I lasted about an hour where I made just a few error bets which were really bad and players picked me off like it was no tomorrow. I ended up winning 1 whole pot which was just the blinds.

Ended up with 700 chips when there was a min raise at the 50/100 blinds, in middle position and two callers. I had pocket fours and decided if I'm gonna try and get back in the game this is the hand and spot. The blinds fold and the raiser and two callers call my all in. Flop comes 6 4 8 rainbow. The first two players to act checked, and the third player decided to bet 1200 chips, which prompted the other players to fold. He shows A 8 which is perfect for me with the pot at 3.3k. Well the poker gods decided me playing bad deserved to be punished. Turn comes a 6 and river comes a 6 to counterfeit my trips/fullhouse to take me out. Very annoying but what can you do. 


I also tried to play a couple of 18 person SNGS ($3.50 and $1.50) where I again appeared to just play really bad, lost them both very early in the tournament and I lost the $3 satellite to the Micro Millions Main Event.


No more poker for me today until I buy a bike for myself. I'd really like to try and play a few more sit and gos to play the main event, but I got a few life things I gotta get done that are more important in the long run for me. Currently I'm pretty broke right now and currently on Social Assistance as I am currently looking for work but hoping poker will work for me obviously. For those reasons I am looking to purchase a bike so I can save some money in real life from having to buy Public Transit passes for the rest of the summer. 

I might come back later in a couple hours to play a few small sit and gos to increase my money, or I might just watch a few poker videos. Does anyone have a good way of viewing Hand Histories? I have not really done that in the past, but after I log out the only way to view them is in text version which I find very boring. Any suggestions for that is welcomed