Hello Miss Hottie,



now, only 25 days are left and you will be back, so looking forward to that....

Secondly, since the last update I only played a few of the 7$ games, which didn't go well at all, and then the Spin and Go Anniversary promotion arised, so I decided to play the 5$ games in those to have a chance to win one million $.

Fortunately, so far, I did extremely well in them, but haven't captured many hands - or many games in fact.


These are my 7$ Heads Up games since the first blog post:

As you can see, the last ~200 games were rather dissatisfactory.


And these are my 5$ Spin and Go games since I stopped the 7$ games:

These obviously went very well. After 455 games:

Expected: 307.17

Profit:       265.00


And I will conclude with a funny hand from today:

So this hand, it starts with him just calling pre-flop, which indicates weakness, especially since we are both fairly deep in chips, at around 25+ Big Blinds effective stack. If he had good cards, he might wants to make a bigger bet even before the flop.

The flop then comes pretty disconnected, and he continues with a minimum bet; I myself perceive this as very weak, which coincides with his pre-flop play and I have the decisionto either call, or raise. I decide to just call, since my King-high might be the best hand and, for the same reason, decide against a raise, since he might continue to bluff me later.

The turn then he checks and this now indicates to me extreme weakness, possibly not even a hand with a draw, so I exclude many of his hand combinations by excluding any .gif">, , and any spade, or perhaps a weak spade.

The river then he bets the full pot, which doesn't make any sense based on his previous constant weak actions. I decide to call here, since it seems very likely my King-high is best and in reality, when I called, I thought the only hands beating me could be something like J8 or J9, since he wouldn't bet this big on the river with a pair of 3's, 4's or 5's; and a T he would have bet the turn; and an Ace he is likely to have bet bigger pre-flop or on the flop or turn. I exclude bigger King-high hands that beat me here, since they would have bet before, too. Those hands are K9 and KQ.

So in fact, this hand was actually quite an obvious call, amazingly


So take, care Miss Hottie,

see u soon...