I checked the results. Since the last post, maybe I made a mistake? Anyway I was at 179 games, not 159, as I wrote there...


Anyway, the statistics since that last update are:

G:  194

P:  135.30

E:  143.69


whch is awesome, so overall, since the 5th September( the start date):

G: 373

P: 183.80

E: 92.64


I played quite well, probably also based on the videos that I watched. So it really does make an impact on the game playing style after all.

I also got a bunch of hands that I saved on various days, so I will review them now and discuss them here.


Hand 1:

This is interesting, because I had absolutely nothing on the flop and decided to bet the turn, since he also only shows weakness and passiveness. The river card is actuall somewhat perfect for me, since he doesn't really hold many value hands here and even hands that he might have checked the flop back such as 87, 86, K high and A high, he cannot or at least will have trouble calling my bet of 60 into 100 chips. This is mostly, again, because of his passive line, because until the river, he doesn't have a remote idea what I might be having there.

Hand 2:

Also following the theme, K7s is a great hand to start with and on the flop, he will often give up straight away. Here he calls, but I don't believe he has much value in his hand. This feeling is increased, when he bets small into me on the turn, which seems weird to be doing here, if he was weak on the flop anyway. So I raise the turn with the intention to fold if he raises again, or to bet everything on the river if he calls. The river is another high card, he checks, facing a lot of pressure and I bet everything and as expected he folds. Its hard to estimate what exactly he had, the most sensible idea is perhaps a .

Hand 3:

Here I decided to re raise pre flop since the hand plays well. The villain calls and the flop is good for me, as I could either win directl with a bet or hit a 4 or 8 for a straight. He calls and a scare card appears, which I can represent once again, so I bet just enough to make it look like I'm strong. He calls again and at this point I'm fairly sure he at most has a straight draw, like 86, TJ or 8T, since any other card he would have bet or raised on the flop or, especially, on the turn when a scary card appeared to protect. So on the river, not much changed, since the 2 doesn't improve any draw, so I bet all in and he folds. Again, it is possible that he folded maybe a weak pair with 7T,78,76, etc. but people generally raise them earlier in the hand, so I was confident that he would fold if I bet all in on the river.

Hand 4:

This one was a rare hand: I started normal, raising even the most crappy hands like 52o and I continue a bet on the flop, also normal. Then he bets fairly big into me on the turn, which honestly, made me a bit scared. Yet he couldn't convince me 100%, so I called since I can also hit some cards that help me. On the river he bets small and its an easy call for me, since, if he had a bigger straight with a T, he would have certainly bet bigger or even all in. No point for me raising the river. In this hand, his strong turn bet combined with his weak river bet kind of told a weird story and interesting is the fact, which bets would I have called on the river if there would have been a different card.


I got another 4 hands but will share them later.


Take care, Miss Hottie