hey wifey,

today was another LOL day, since I didnt feel well in the afternoon. Still, I had one very interesting hand, which Im gonna share:



It is a cool hand, basically the match went back and forth so far and, as usual, I play aggressively.. So I raise the 64 hand because the blinds are high, he calls preflop, which can be a lot of middling hands. I flop middle pair on the board and continue with a small bet to fold out his hands that didnt hit anything which he would fold. He calls, which could indicate weak or strong. At this point I believe if he had two heart cards, he would have semi-bluffed all in, so I excluded a flush draw in his range of cards. I then bet again on the turn to force him to fold out any 6x or 5x combination, which would be one pair. Its very unlikely that he has a T because most of the Tx combinations would have folded on the flop. Strangely, he calls my turn bet and the Ace of hearts comes, which is, in many ways, the best card for me. Why? Because

a) as mentioned, I was pretty sure he doesnt have a flush draw on the flop, therefore this Ace of hearts didnt give him a flush.

b) it was very unlikely for him to have a T, as described above in the paragraph

c) It is possible that he has a low pair 6 or 5, but those might have folded on my turn bet. Remember though, that my turn bet was small (60 into 210).

d) It also seems unlikely he has a King, because on the river he goes all in himself, which is strange, because he doesnt give me a chance to bluff. For example, if he has K7 or similar, he could check the river and let me bluff, which I would have done.

e) I am 100% sure he doesnt hold an Ace, since he would have played that bigger before even the flop came.

Hence, I assumed he had a 43,47 or 78 hand, since many strong hands like two pair, maybe 56, KT,5T,6T,K6 or K5 would have either played bigger before the river OR would not have gone all in when a scary river card like this Ace of hearts came.

Surprisingly, he had a pair of 5s , while I thought he didnt have any pair. But still my pair of 6s is obviously higher. Very interesting in this hand is that the board cards are actually very scary for my relatively weak hand, yet I was able to exclude so man card combinations from his range that I was confident my hand was stronger than his.


So today:

G 10

P 12.20

E 20.90


Since Day 1

G 66

P 58.60

E 43.20


Ok wifey,


love u, Miss Hottie


PS: Please comment on my hand analysis!