it was an absolute LOL day 3, as I was only able to play 6 games..... Almost a saddening number.


Nonetheless, obviously ****ed the 6 games...

G 6

P 12.80

E 19.81


With that, the overall performance since day 1 is:

Games     Profit     Expectation

56              46.40          22.30


So I'm still running above expectation, which is nice.      


Plus I have one interesting hand that I played weirdly, which worked out, check it:




So, preflop we are short in Big Blinds, so I minraise with the intention to definitely call A9 if he goes all in. He then calls tho and I continue a small bet onthe flop to make him fold unconnected hands he might hold like Q6, K7 or T6 ; and to find out where I am with my Ace high. Strangely he minraises my bet which could mean he has a super hand like J8 or some mixed random cards that he is trying to get away with. I call the bet since its so small and he might be bluffing. He quickly checks on the 6 turn. So now I might be ahead, but more likely he has some kind of one pair hand like 89,J9,57, which he doesnt know how to play now. I check behind to perhaps catch an A or a 7 for a straight on the river.

It comes a 4 on the river which seems innocent and he bets pretty small 60 chips into a 300 chip pot. So because of his weak looking play on the flop and turn and indeed now the bet on the river is onceagain weak, I decided this is perfect to represent I got a hand with a 7, like 47,57,67,77,78,79,7T,7J,7Q,7K and 7A since I would play them maybe almost same on this board. I didnt think he has a 7 because of his weak play throughout the hand and especially river, where he would bet more with a 7. BUT in fact I only hold Ace High and that can be beaten by any pair. Therefore I considered its best to bluff all in, since 

a) he doesnt seem to have a 7 very often

b) I hold a 7 quite often

c) he presented himself weak throughout the hand

So I mean, it depends, but theoretically he should fold there any Two Pair combination since he is too easily beaten by a straight. And also, notice that he never has Three of a Kind here, because that would mean he had a pair before the flop, which he would have bet at that time before the flop.        


Anyway interesting hand.


Ok see you Miss Hottie.