Hi honey,


today due to sucky internet I couldnt play much, therefore I mostly played 1 or 2 tabls simultaneously. Started out good, then became worse:


Played 32 7$ games

Profit: 22.60$

Expected profit: -17.70$


Made profit, but expected was negative, so have to get better. Two interesting hands:



1st hand: After his preflop 3 bet and subsequent flop all in, I believe he has a 7, 5, AK, AQ or AJ, maybe sometimes 66,88 or 99, but I'm blocking one 8 and one 9. He rarely has AA,KK,QQ,JJ,TT, AT, or any other T since he would bet the flop as a non all in bet. So he only has hands he feels "vulnerable". That being said, with my draw I could hit any J,9,8 or 6, which gives me 12 to 14 possible cards. This warrants a call in my opinion even though faced with this overbet.


2nd hand seems interesting because his hand range constructed from a flop check, turn call and river minraise is basically never a bluff. My idea was that I might be able to go all in on the river after his minraise, though its debatable. I will discuss this with my poker friend.


At last, I wanna see if I can buy a kind of video program to improve, its 70$ so around 10 buy ins.


I might play more tonight if I have time and internet is good at the dorm.


Take care,


to Miss Hottie