Hi out there 
Just finished a 20fpp $1000 G  tourney  Placed  158/4423
Was on about 25000 chips, got QQ raised (5000) got one re-raise all in from a short stack 11000
He was holding K7o  flop and turn blanks, rivered King.
Very next hand I've got K10s in BB about 11000 chips left
Gets folded round to a big stack who raises 5000  Folded to me, probable coin flip (two live cards)
ALL IN.  he's got A6o   Hit my 10 on the flop only to be rivered by an Ace.
Why is it allways the river that gets me,
Sometimes i do think the cards are waiting for me to be all in, just so they can kick me in the teeth.
Does this happen to you? 
Bye now. GL at the tables