I have been playing on Pokerstars now for a couple of months.
Have read in chat about it being rigged or fixed (some said first aggresser/raiser always hits flop]
I don't know  ..What i do know is that some of my "BADBEATS" defy belief.
Here's an example: I get dealt   Ac Ad  i raise, get one caller from BB. 
Flop comes 8d 3c Qc.  I bet the pot, BB  re-raises me enough to effectively put me all in.
I ablige ALL-IN.   BB turns over Jc 9s   Turn  9d,  river  9c.
Trip 9's to beat my AA. 
This is not an isolated incident.Have also been beaten KK  against  4s6d,   four diamonds hit the board.
I will carry on though 
(glutton for punishment) just hope my LUCK changes soon. Will keep you posted.