ok, after raising a total of 9 kids, 5 marriages, I've decided to do what I want to do now at the age of 57. I have always loved 3 things, Playing & writing music, playing poker and doing leathercraft. Since I have already started doing the others since becoming disabled/retired, I now want to do my third love also. What better way to get better & improve my game than go back to school under one of my poker hero's, Daniel Negreanu! So this is a new beginning for me & I'M OFF & RUNNING!




here's the next edition, the guitar building is taking off fantastically. Sold 5 custom builts so far & very good feedback on them, hhmmm....think I'll work up a website to sell them on. I'd rather not take orders unless they give me 3-4 mths to get it to them as it is a hobby. The poker got sidelined for a bit but I'm back now with it's own time slot to do it in...Is 2 days & 8 hrs. nuf time?  that's the update, oh yes I just bought 41 acres in NE Nevada. Going to build me a cple cabins, 1-live in & 1-hobby shop for the guitars & leatherwork. Gotta go play some trnys. LATER!