So how did I end up here?


Well il introduce myself a little bit first. I am 27 years of age & from the south west of england and I work a 35 hour week, my favourite poker players are Mr Negreanu and Liv Boeree. I have only played online poker, in my town I dont know of any place that you can actually go to and play yet. I have been playing for about six months and recently got my first cash in a multi table tournament which I was very excited about but I will save this for another blog entry. I started playing poker on facebook a mate at work was talking about poker and he eventually got me hooked and I would play for atleast two or three hours after work each night but eventually I was up to eight million in zynga chips and it was still fun (when is winning not fun) but it is pure bingo most of the time, you cant make a move and dont even bother bluffing unless your trying to bluff a decent player who doesnt dump all the his chips in with 39o but thats very rare. So I play a few months on Zynga and tried to learn as much as possible.

Then I found you tube and it has loads of tip videos and apparently ways to improve your game. I watched a few and learnt about bet sizing & how relevant position is this was priceless information and something I never thought of before. I also watched High Stakes poker and that was just insane, one pot was the value of my flat most of the time. Once you tube got a bit stale I bought a book called `Harrington on Hold'em` I read this book twice it was so interesting and it kept me hooked and il probably read some bits of it again in the future. I purchased the 2nd volume also which was a good read but I didnt learn as much from it as the first book. Recently I have purchased Annie Dukes book `Decide to play Great Poker` not the most entertaining of reads but most of importantly I did learn from it that there are no rules to follow and how to tell a story well. I really want to read this a second time just so I can get my head around it a little bit more but I would recommend both of these books.

After reading Harringtons book I created a account on stars and I hardly play on Zynga anymore. I cant remember why I went for Poker Stars out of all the poker sites out there but it seemed like a good idea at the time or maybe it was Mr Negreanus seductive tones. I completed the basic poker star quiz via the poker school and went of to make a deposit and found that reading and learning is nothing compared to actually playing when your money is on the line.

I discovered I can't play above the micro level because I find I tighten up a lot and its a real issue I have at the moment and I find reading players sometimes really hard or I dont take enough time over my decisions in cash games and rush to a fold or call. Truth be told I have made two deposits of about $20 and donked this of after a few months of play. Recently I have played roughly four hours of cash poker at 1/2c and not been that succesful but I think its because I can lay down the big hands and I give people to much credit for hitting trips or better etc. I have been playing in the $1.50 fifty50 games and normally cash one in three times so not bad but not brilliant. I am still playing on stars and loving it and hopping I can get to a final table some day.


See you on the tables