Ok, this has gotten some good comments in the forum so I thought I would put it in my blog for those that don't visit the forums. Just something to bring a smile to your face as you fight and claw your way through the PSO this month. Good luck all! And especially to Yiannis, Cyanite1213, Droopypaws, and Rudeboyphx, who I have chosen as my fantasy teammates. May all your cards run especially well this month!

Friend: "Hey Jim, how is that online poker treating you?"

Jim: "Pretty good, friend."

Friend: "Don't you do that poker school league?"

Jim: "I sure do."

Friend: "Do you enjoy it?"

Jim: "No, I only enter those to kill time."

Friend: "You only enter them because you are bored?"

Jim: "No, I enter them for the leaderboard money at the end of the month."

Friend: "Ooh, they pay you at the end of the month if you play well?"

Jim: "No, they pay me at the end of the month if I don't play."

Friend: "They pay you to not play? Then why do you keep entering them?"

Jim: "Because I want that leaderboard money."

Friend: "I thought you said they pay you if you don't play."

Jim: "That's right. "

Friend : "Why would they pay you for not playing?"

Jim: "They say smart players do not risk their tourney lives early."

Friend: "So you do enter those tourneys!"

Jim: "Yeah, I told you that."

Friend: "OK, I was confused. I thought you said you didn't play in them."

Jim: "Oh no, you don't want to play poker in those tourneys."

Friend: "Then which tourneys are you entering??"

Jim: "The poker school league."

Friend: "And that is the same league with the leaderboard money??"

Jim: "Correct."

Friend: "And they pay you to not play poker in them?"

Jim: "Correct again."

Friend: "But you enter them anyway?"

Jim: "Well, you have to enter in them."

Friend: "I thought you said they pay you to not play in those tourneys."

Jim: "Right. I am glad you are finally starting to understand!"

That was a week ago and my friend is still scratching his head over that conversation.