Hey all, hope March is bringing good things your way. I am having a great month. And mostly because I have put the skill league on the back burner this month. I will probably only end up with 3 or 5 bucks this month but a break from the grind was soooo needed.
      I have found ALOT of enjoyment from the $1.88 hyper-turbo satelite to the $5.50 SCOOP rebuy tourney. They really give you a ten minute whirlwind of everything you will see in online poker. And two of the six players in it get a ticket so the odds are not too shabby either.
     I am so looking forward for SCOOP to get here. I have my bankroll in a position to play in every event I want including the low level main event for $109. In all, I will spend $300 bucks on SCOOP tourneys plus use the four $11 tickets I won during the blogger tourneys. May is going to be a busy month for me! I just hope my work schedule will not interfere with my plans too much lol. Darn jobs! 
     I also plan on playing in the Sunday Swarm tomorrow also. I would hope to see many PSO'ers in that one. The prize money for the entry fee is too incredible to pass up.I really hope to see some PSO'ers make some deep runs in it. And hopefully I am one of them!
     For those grinding out the last week of PSO tourneys, best of luck. Just remember, it is ok to take a little time off from the skill league. It might even be just what you needed. I know I needed a rest stop. I'll be back at the daily grind next month I am sure.