Well, here we are again for another long month of stalling and folding our way to money in the PSO league. Hope everyone had a good February. I did manage to net myself 50 bucks last month so I am pleased with that. But there is a lesson to be learned from last month.
     You will never hear me say that great poker is being played in the league as a whole. BUT, for all the new people that sign up to check out this monster known as internet poker, the PSO quickly gives you a tour of the best and the worst the game has to offer:
     You get a front row seat to the shove monkeys that enter these "skill" tourneys and start shoving all-in from the first hand to either chip up quickly or ship out to the next freeroll quickly. There is no time for poker playing for these people. 
     You get to see those people that limp into every pot and call every pre-flop raise with any two cards because they think the earth will open up and swallow them whole if they were to miss seeing a flop.
     You also get a taste of egos that can rival Phil Helmuth if you keep an eye on the chat box during a tourney.
     You also get to experience the most important lesson of poker. That the best hand pre-flop is not always the best hand by the time the river comes. And if you are new to online poker and you get a streak on the wrong side of the variance factor then it can turn people right off of online poker. If you start on here and in your first week you see your pocket aces, kings, and queens always getting beaten by garbage hands then you start to think the site is rigged or other conspiracy theories.
     I have been on Pokerstars for some time and have seen enough of these crazy improbable hands played out. Sometimes they favor me and sometimes they do not. But that is a part of this thing called variance.
     To make this clear, let me point out last month. Dreams78, the person that won the league last month, placed in the money in 22 out of 52 tourneys. That is 42%!!!! This stat tells me one thing for sure. His cards were holding up. Variance was on his side. If their were bad beats going on then he was the one dishing them out most of the time. It is really an impressive stat.
     On the flip side is myself. Last month I placed in 14 out of 61 tourneys for about 23%. Not too shabby at all. But if you look at my negative scores (and there were plenty!) I can tell you that in every one of those hands I was ahead pre-flop. It was just my time to have a run-in with some bad variance.
     I just want to make sure that all these newer players that come in here expecting to see pocket aces win everytime are not in for the shock of their life when they see some goofball beat them occasionally with a hand like 94. It happens. You have to fight through the bad spells and the odds will balance themselves out again. Sometimes it comes easy and you place in 45% of the tourneys for a month and sometimes you have to just keep battling the rough patches to place 23% of the time. 
     Just keep all that in mind and even if you hit some rough patches, 50 dollars or more can still be yours in March. Good luck everybody. More to come later....