Hey all, hope February is treating you well in the PSO. I have been on a rollercoaster ride the last week and a half but hanging in there. Hoping to slide into the 50 dollar range before all is said and done. But I can settle for 30 lol.
I tried another Macau millions satellite for 11 dollars today and won another 47 ticket which I again cashed in for the tourney money. That brings my bankroll up to $511.63. My goal for this year is to bring it up to 2000 dollars. Not going to be easy because I only have so much time to play but I believe it can be done.
I am also hoping to hear some news soon about the SCOOP tourneys. I won four $11 entry tickets from the blogger tourneys and I am getting more than a little excited to start playing in those.
Good luck to all the last couple days of the month. Seems the lowering of the places paid percentage is making things alot closer this month in the PSO. And good luck to any that play in the PSO monthly on Sunday. Still haven't made up my mind if I am going to play in it this month. seems like whenever I enter anything with "PSO" in the title, things tend to go so wrong lol.