Well, another good week of poker for me. Focused on the PSO league for the first time since September. Ranked 13th as of this morning. So the month is off to a good start there.
     Also have round five of he PCA mega-path tourneys today so I am keeping my fingers crossed to survive that. Still hard to believe I am nearly half way to getting a PCA package for next year.
     Finally, I tried an 11 dollar stage one satelite for the Macau yesterday. I won a 47 dollar ticket to stage two which I cashed in for the tournament money. So a nice 36 dollar profit for the day was a great way to start the weekend. And that money will fund any tourneys I wish to play this month to finish getting my 20 VPPs.
     Hope everyone is having a good February. Long way to go in the PSO this month but  I think if I can find a way to play about 75 tourneys this month, the top 10 is a realistic possibility. Good luck to all and more to come later....