Hey all, those who regularly read my blogs know that I toss out what I believe to be helpful hints for having success in the PSO league from time to time. But what about life after the PSO league? There should come a point where you stop grinding out 60+ PSO tourneys a month and start moving out into the pokerstars world with the knowledge, experience, and the bankroll you have been able to build yourself.
     From July through November, I was able to build my bankroll up $210 from grinding the PSO league. I would occasionally enter a sit-n-go or low buy-in tourney along the way but never really had much success and if I came close to breaking even while earning my 20 VPP's I would consider it a success!
     But something happened this month. About halfway into the month, I began to realize that the PSO was not teaching me anything anymore. It was in fact, hurting my poker game. Now don't get me wrong, the PSO league has helped my game a great deal. I learned how important patience is. I learned about good hand selection, playing my position at the table better, pot odds, and how to let a hand go after a not-so-favorable flop.
     But after months of stalling and folding and stalling and folding to get the league points needed to make a good end-of-month payout, it dawned on me that I was playing the same way in the entry fee tournaments I was entering. I was playing scared and hoping just to get a min cash. So I decided to stop making PSO's the focus of my poker time and start playing some entry fee tourneys and play them to win!
     So these are my bottom line results for the 9 tourneys I entered in the second half of December:
Entry Fees: $45.10
Winnings: $192.07
Net Profit: $146.97
     This included three $11 tourneys, one $5.50, one $2.20, and three $1.10 tourneys. I cashed in 5 of the 9 tourneys. The highlight for me was making the final table in the PSO monthly tournament. A kind of validation that all the months of grinding PSO's did have some value besides league points.
     So my tip this week is to not let the PSO be your entire reason for existance on Pokerstars. When starting out, this is an awesome place to learn and build up a bankroll. But if you really want to play some poker and go for winning some money then you need to take what you learn and earn in the PSO and make your mark in the poker world. Surely you can just remain in the PSO and continue to grind out a month end payout. But once you learn to be patient, kill clock, and avoid tangling with the maniac players early in a tournament, you have learned about all the league is able to teach you. The site has some great lessons and tools and forums of info, but most of this info is designed for actual entry fee tourneys, not the freeroll bonanza that is the PSO league.
     To be sure, I will still be playing in the occasional PSO but I don't feel the need to grind out 60+ tourneys every month for the month end payouts. There is much more to be won elsewhere on Pokerstars and to be honest, actually playing hands is a refreshing change from the neverending stalling and folding of the league.
     Anyway, happy new year everyone! Best of luck in the last couple days of the month in the PSO to everyone and much more luck to those that are looking beyond the PSO and diving into the world of the entry fee tourneys!