Hey everyone, as we head into the final week of the month, it is time to make your final push toward your goal for the month. Whether you are playing for a three dollar payout or the 1500 dollar top prize, this is the time of the month when it really matters. 
     As you make your push to your set goal, it can be easy to get scared when someone is forcing you into an all-in call early or fairly early in a tournament. The penalties for an early exit can affect not only your rank, but also your state of mind heading into your next tournament. Nobody wants to see their pocket kings beaten by some (insert obscene name here) player who calls you with 39 and catches the improbable to knock you out.
     My tip for you today is to start keeping track of your hands played. Just have a piece of paper next to you and everytime you play a hand to a showdown, write down if you were ahead pre-flop and if you won the hand. People tend only to remember the bad beat that knocked them out of a tournament. They quickly forget the hands they were behind and hit their three outer. Or all the times they started out ahead and their cards held up. If you keep track of this information, I think you will see that more often than not, over the course of time, the law of averages will come through.
     If you need to see more proof of this, take a glance at the last three or four pages of the leaderboard. For every one time that those (insert obscene name here) players hits a bingo with 39, they bust out seven, eight, or more times. The law of averages will hold over time. So don't lose faith when you get whacked by one of these players. Don't start playing scared. Play your game. Take an early exit for what it is. A minor setback on the road to your monthly goal.
     Best of luck to everyone in the last week reaching your goals this month! Each month gets tougher and tougher but stick with it! Anyone who says that poker is easy is bluffing you.

Disclaimer: In no way does the author of this blog endorse, encourage, or otherwise support all-in pushes in the first three blind levels of a tournament.