Hey all, time for another tip to help you in your journey to the top. One of the things I have noticed this month is the amazing amount of players that have held the top spot in the league. Seems like every day someone new is there. And the top player has been right around the 1900 mark. And then suddenly they drop like a brick back down the ranks and have to start making up for lost ground. I also have had a day from hell that wiped out days of progress and took a couple more days just to make up the lost points. And I blame myself for that happening. Now whether you are in first place or 1000th place, there are a couple things you can do to minimize this damage to your rank. Everybody has tourneys that just don't go their way. Dead cards, bad beats, or you were simply outplayed. Those things are all a part of poker, like it or not. But if you have "one of those tourneys", sometimes the first reaction is to jump into the next one and try to "fix" your negative points. This can lead to overly aggressive play and getting yourself into bad situations. Or you play overly tight and miss out on some golden opportunities during play to gather some chips. These types of reactions can lead to a snowball effect that starts with one bad finish to two or three in one day. Suddenly you are at the end of the day wondering how things went so wrong! I would recommend that if you have a bad finish and lose a bunch of points, don't go busting into the next one thinking you can right the ship before it sinks. Take a tourney off, and do something relaxing. Watch some TV, read a book, take a walk, anything to get you away from the computer and clear your mind of that last tourney. Or browse through the forums or the poker school site and learn a few new things that can help you in your next tourney. Then when you do enter another tourney, your head is clear and you don't fall off your game because of one bad tourney finish. There are more than enough tournaments scheduled a day for you to miss one or two and still be able to catch up. If your mind is clear and focused you have a much better chance of playing your "A" game, which is what is required if you want to finish in the top 100. Good luck all. More tips to come and see you in the top 10!