OK, time once again to give out a tip for my competition to improve their game on the league. I want to win this league this month but I also like having some good competition along the way. Before I throw out today's tip, let me recap what I said last month. 1. Manage the clock as you see fit. Dripping as I call it, can improve your finish by many spots in the standings. If you go back and find my blog on dripping, you will see how I use the clock to help me in my "journey". 2. Taking notes. SO IMPORTANT! If you fail to take notes on your competition, you are not utilizing an important tool provided to you. Good player or bad, make sure you note all info you can about opponents you will likely see many times throughout the month. 3. Avoid going all-in. Unless I am very short stacked or I know I cannot be beaten in a hand I avoid all-in hands as much as possible. Anything can happen after the flop and the turn. Wait until the river to decide to risk your tourney. This is one of the hardest lessons but get more patient each day. OK, today's lesson. One problem many people complain about is dealing with the maniacs and donkeys early in the tourney. How do I deal with these "crazies"? I late register at the 9 minute mark of the tourney. Not only do I completely avoid the temptation to "roll the dice" with these players, but when I get seated I can easily see from the get go who to watch out for at my table. It will be the guy with over 4000 chips. I won't know exactly how much of a problem he will be for me, but odds are that player not only doesn't mind a race for all his chips, he prefers it. As I don't prefer that, I already know who is the biggest threat to my survival in the tourney without playing a single hand yet. Some people think if you register late, you don't trust your own skill. I disagree. I look at it as a smart move to conserve chips and get info from the table before I even get dealt a hand. And I trust my skill enough to know that I can miss the cheapest blind level and begin stacking up in level II. Good luck everyone. See you in the top ten!