It is true that we require to be fit mentally and physically, not to fall asleep near the end of a tournement, and keep the interest alive.

I am happy, i just won my firts MTT, and i finished in FIRST place.  YESSSS.

I just came back last night from a Trip in Quebec City,  where i got some much needed rest.



i am happy but too tired to express it.  So a lazier way for me to do this is to write it.


i was suppose to do one of the micro millions tonight, but my brain can't handle it.  It was for 5 school passes if I did last the longest in the real money tournament, but i actually did the one above before.


Here is the reward ai get and tournement info:


-   Bonjour, WiseBearBets,

-   Vous avez terminé 1er de ce tournoi.

-    Cela vous donne droit à un siège pour disputer le tournoi #1264961052. Un ticket pour ce tournoi --    a été émis à votre nom. Vous pouvez utiliser ce ticket pour vous inscrire. Consultez le lobby du -  --    tournoi #1264961052 pour plus de détails.

And the great price,

-     MicroMillions-053: $3.30 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-Knockout], $15K Gtd

there was 11 tickets for thoses 11 that lasted to the last table.

i almost felt like giving up and do a stupid bet.  I was getting so impatient to see the end of the tournement.  Was tying everything to knock someone out.  

So, hope the actual tournement goes just as well as this one, and $450 for each knock out, i just can't wait.  

For some reason i am not good at passing the first tbasic test, But i won because of what I learned. I hust wish i knew where i go wrong.

The important is to see improvements after the odd assimililation of the material, when at times i felt like i no longer had a clue on how to play poker. 

I am not perfect yet, but getting good enough to enjoy winning a little more.