Lately i haven't been myself emotionally, and i can't retain what I read, I forget what I know.  the test comes, when i make the choice to do it, but I haven't really read the whole basis, so I bet with myself that inshould surely pass, my English isn't too bad, it should be easy.

i do know hand ranking, to one exception about Full Houses.  Smaller houses win over biger one.  I just don't get, or i do have a language barrier.

Counting outs, confuses so much, chances are i count but not correctly.  After the flos i can do the math of outs x 4 to know the % of my chances to win.  But why???  When i realise i have litlle chances of winning it scares me to take risk and I get to play on the deffensive.  If i play by ear, then what i earned over the years, and discovered by myself seems at the moment to make sense.

So if anybody is willing to explain outs to me that would be great.

i haven't read anything about the flip of the coin yet, not sure what it means, feel free to teach me.

My learning style is much more quick when interactions exist.  Reading concepts bores, watching videos, didn't have time for this, but i wiilk eventually if my poker isolation remain,

And these interaction have no string attach if you reply.  Both ways.

So on my next post i'll talk about how my feelings make me, win or loose.

sometimes in July, probably the end.

I hope you are having as much fun with Star600 cash bonuses.

5.5 VPP per dollar means that I need to play real money, so the aren't matching 100 % of or deposit cause the additional costs have to also be paid.  550 point par cent dollars.  And i think i need One Thousand In order to get my bonuses 10 dollars.  In order to get a full 600$ max in bonuses, in 60 payments of 10 dollars at 1000 VPP (a little less then 2 dollars per 1000, i do need to spend 2 x 60 bonuses (10 dollars) it costs me 120, the 600 dollars actually means that,

STARS600 actually mean 480.

i wish i had settle for the PokerSchool1000, first deposit that gives 10 000 VPP.

On the other hand, even though playing poker is surrounded by the dream of winning, i did know that it would be like this, i.e.  promises luring us into hoping that we are getting one deal 600, but wake up with 480.

That said, i think the the tournament tickets are awesome, winning money, VPP, bonuse.  We are in a gamblers world, a virtual one.

i think the school is cool untill i find somehing wrong.  But i think of it this way, if you figured this all out, being able to remain in touch with the reality unfolding with you, instead of hope that may not come totally true, and being able to live with this, then this story is a metaphore of what i think one needs to lear to become a PokerStar.

My moto, do i have a pair or not after the flop, that tells me fold, but then again it is only a rulle that i needed to learn to respect before i could decide to break it and at what cost.

i will respond to all comments, positive, negative, but give me some time to reply, les say a week.

The weird moment when you look at your blog and no one has commented on it.  LMAO

Or the reality that you have 3000 reply to send.  Wow did I commit to.

Have fun figuring out if your High Ace hand has any vaue in the context ithe is unfolding in front of our eyes,

this is a long post, fewer will read it, but it's the first post.


To all my relations,