Here I am in desperatiion. I have lost all of my bankroll, while on tilt. I managed to replace the money I had spent from bank account, but as always that is spent, mostly on bills and normal expenses. I now have no money in my account and have just used my last 140 Points to enter a tourney which may, if I am successful, gain me entry to another satelite to the main event. I am waiting until 19.45 GMT when this tourney opens.

People may say dont waste the points, with my style of play I have no chance. My partner is ironing in the kitchen and has no idea how low I feel.

I look forward to posting a positive note, but am well aware that may no be the case. I am aware that I may qualify and then face the day of my reckoning. I hope so. One day within the next 5 years I am convinced that I will be playing the main event in the WSOP, and then I will win it.

Hi again - its 21/01/2012

I have now realised my poker leak - I play too many hands - so with this in mind I have now tighten up and play only premium hands in early position and early in tournaments. This has been working well for me until TCOOP 01 and as usual I played very tight and managed to make it to the first break and I still had 5415 chips - only  making a couple of plays from late position.

Three hands after the break I was in the small blind with AA and thought I could make some chips as I judged my opponents to be fair but not above average players. Everyone folded to the button, and just as I thought no-one was going to play he went all-in. I couldn't believe my luck and called - he had about 5855 chips but I thought at least a double up would be good. Anyway, He had KQ offsuit. Great I thought !! The flop came K 4 2 all mixed suits - so know chance of a flush. The turn came a 7 so I thought bingo - no chance - How wrong was I a Q came on the river and good bye I went. Is this really just a bad beat or am I just not destined to win anything. Anyway today I checked the result of the TCOOP 01 and imagine my surprise - who won it ?? My conqueror with KQ !!!  Xin88Xin from Canada - Is this Mr Negreanu influence? Probably not I just feel bleedin fed up !! 

Oh well good luck to you all.

Until that day good luck to all who read this and hope to see you there one day.