Before my self imposed exile from all things poker, I was building up a decent ROI in micro limit STT's, essentially being aggressive from position early on and not letting limpers see free cards. *!*! PUNISH LIMPERS!! *!*!*

I did, admittedly, catch a decent winning streak (not withstanding the odd SERIOUSLY bad beat from donk callers who caught on later streets) and I was ready to move in to higher stakes with a view to satelliting my way in to live tourneys -- serious aspirations here, my friend.

Having two kids in 3 years has kind of had an impact on my game, but I'm thinking nows the time to get back in to the groove.

To that end, I have been studying strategy big time. 'Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies' caught my eye and whilst I cant agree with everything in the book (gasp, who am I to question the Red?) it has helped me revisit basic tourney strategies and bankroll management.

The biggest help for me though, without question, is watching poker on TV! The Big Game, EPT, UKIPT I cant get enough...

I know I'm not likely now to ever compete against the people I study so avidly, but its helped me, in the space of a couple of months, go from being busted out first hand in every other STT to nurturing quite a healthy bankroll - now ready for the heady hights of MTT's and those Live Tourney Satellites.

I dont study the maths, I have only a basic understanding of pot odds, implied odds, equity etc. but I now have an intuitive aptitude for playing the player, not the cards by understanding bet sizing, pausing, chatter, instant action button usage and generally smelling a rat!

You can genuinely get a feel for a player and a good read even though you cant see them.

As such, I have created my own luck these past few months.

Yes, I will hit a losing streak, and yes, I will probably curse the day I started loving this beautiful/ugly compelling/abhorrent wonderful game.

But until that day comes...

See you at the tables

This is Leuitenant Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.