Hi there!


 So difficult to start because I have no news again. Just a few small things to tell. My BR still at the same level, I've collected 112 VPP and need just 68 to get my first deposit bonus. 

 PSO tournaments were quite bad this months and I've got 2034 bubble position. Next month I want to be in premier league and have a good plan. The main thing why I couldn't be ITM I missed registration period. I've found the solution - download alarm clock for PC. Next month I will roll as many as possible with no action before 2500 players will be eliminated. With two months expiriens of this tournaments I discovered my own strategy. It's quite simple but works. With monsters you must go all in preflop. Thats all. No limp, no call, no raise. Only all in. Only one way to isolate maniacs. 

 Another thing I've got time of play. Day time worse than night. I don't know why but in day time every hand is fight, opponents are neat, they don't want to pay. Night time you will see stupid calls and be able to play with better result. Well, new month, new ideas and new achievements.

 Good luck for everybody.