Hi there! 

 Quite a long time I didn't write here because nothing is going on in my poker career. I'm getting better and better every day rolling about 30-50 turbo S&G and learning how to play heads-up in play money. My BR still at the same level and I can't find the explonation. Probably it was bad idea to play HU for 1.5 USD from time to time. Even I'm better still need the distance which I don't have. 

 This month is very unlucky for me in PSO freerolls, even I've got 16th place yesterday from 9992. I've scored around 80 points and probable even with it I will not be able to get my 2.5 revard this month. The main problem for me - register on time. Now I downloaded alarm clock and try don't miss it. Anyway That was my best result since the beginning.