I want to say good morning but its not good at all.


 Well, now I know what is dispersion in poker and I don't like it at all. I can't find another explanation. I started to play much better but It became worse. I can't even get in prizes, I'm a bubble boy. Yea, yea, probably I gave up, what to do. I don't feel desire to roll, I don't have interest at all. I have just 6 USD rest from my bankroll, and I spent big part of money in 1.50 USD knockout S&G for 90 players, which I've found pretty nice, but... But, but, but only bubble. 13,15,18 positions thats is magic. Black one. Now again playing only 10 cc S&G with crowds of weak players which can servive there better tnem me. Its be like this. Seems I do something wrong but what could be wrong there? Everything you need is correct push/fold in correct situations. That maniacs call with any and nobody can't stand. Big stack calls big stack without understanding; there are three guys with 4 BB at the table. He is ready to get  8th place with dicey hand, hm... Am I crazy? May be. Looks like it was just a dreams about poker carier. I will sincere loose the rest of my bankroll at 10 cents S&G, will write one more final post here and forget about poker forever. I dont know how long will it take or may be I will get my 20 back, lets see. Anyway my another dream comes true. I will be a student of university soon, luckily I'm not so poor and  can for education in Asia. Always wanted to stady Japanese! 

 Good luck guys! See you soon.