Hi there!

Well I continue my grinds and still have around 20-25 USD on my bank roll.  This night I've got first place again and tried to play heads-Up for 1.5 Unfortunately it's the cheapest one but I need practice anyway. I decided always to play one after top 3 in S&G. 

 Even I didn't get much and my bankroll still be the on same level I feel the difference. There are many things improved, I can understand what I'm doing and what for. I watched my hands on boom and saw my own mistakes. Two days before friend of mine helped me with explanations of hands, gave a few useful advices. He is a regular Poker Stars player with gepfyth nic name. 

 Anyway I found a couple things and want to share with you, may be it will be new information for the beginners:

 1. Don't use the 'Check/Fold' option. That's a good thing to do. It's odd but I've never seen this advice. Sometimes you have a fellow in sit out next to you or push from very shot guy that you have to call with any hand. There were situations when I just gave them my chips but not now;

 2. After bad bit when you have just a few BB don't push the first hand. There were dozens situations when I climbed up with 2 BB. Remember, you are short, they will call you with any sometimes in multypot. Just wait for suitable cards. Push with any in this situation is a kind of tilt;

 3. Read about equity of hands! This is definitly the most important thing to know in poker. Two months ago I even Didn't know that AKo vs 22 has only 47% preflop! Or your pocket aces against three opponents have 50%. 

 Thats all for today. Hope you will use it or using already! Good luck!