And a good morning to you guys!

 I've got lost for a while and didn't write here. Well there are reasons. First of all I went to Malaysia for a couple days where I didn't have time for poker and this blog, I met up with my old friend and did all the touristic stuff. Actually Malaysia is the first muslim country I've visited. So, I didn't like it much, Yes, its really modern, Kuala Lumpur is green, the air is fresh alas I didn't feel comfortable there. Like everything good but something is lost. I was glad to come back to my cozy Thailand with a new tourist visa issued in KL. Hope, poker will give me opportunity to stay in better plases and travel longer. But I feel like there are thing to do first, study hard and practice a lot!

 Unfortunately I've missed PSO freerolls and couldn't get as high as I should be. Now I'm arond 900 place which not so bad as well. And I'm expecting my 2.5 USD. All this night I spent rolling my regular 0.1 USD S&G and did it successful. From 37 tournaments I've got one first place, one 4th, 7th, two 10th and seven times were on another positions before 36. Obviosly that was my best night of poker for this moment. I have 25 USD on my account that means I will be able to play on next limit. But the main thing today is Heads-up. I really proud of myself, it was a long and difficult game, I was trice shortter, did everything careful and without rush. Before I felt something like, wow! I'm at the final table lets try stupid moves! But this play style don't stand at all. Now I'm trying to be concentrate since the beginning until the last hand. Only smart moves where I'm trying to use all my knowledge and feeling about opponents.

 Yeserday I watched one video about playing post flop on russian Poker Stars school website which was so informative and usefull. I can see results already! I realised that I had no idea about bet size post flop, I did small one I let them see turn and river cheap. That sad but in past! I'm getting better, playing longer and love poker much every day!