Hi there!

 Just yesterday I've comlained here about my unluck and weakeness then I grinded around 50 S&G and did it! It was so exciting and expectable at the same time. It should be happens. I was so close to the first place many times but didn't have enough luck and experience. Well now I will tell you about the final table.

 Actually the game was easy, I had the second place stack. Two short players were pushed out fast. Here is the first situation I was pondering about: I'm at button with pocket 77, the medium stack made 2 BB raise from MP3 and got call from quite short guy at CO. It was better to fold my 77 alas I pushed it. Short guy could call with any two and I hoped to isolate MP3 medium stack with his odd rase. He called with QK or QJ and won the hand. I didn't expect call from him. He did very weak raise which means trap with strong hand or just wish to see a flop cheaper. Ok, now I became short. 

 Next few hands I pushed mine A2-AT and got blinds with antes without any call. The next situation I can't understand. I got pocket 66 and min rase before me again from another fellow. It was better to push it but I pushed a couple times before and decided to call. Everyone fold, he checked. The flop was A 3 3 and my opponent went all in. Of course he hadn't 3 but the question was has he got ace or not. In case he had ace why he pushed at my short stack? There still were possibility of fold from my side. Better to check and call my push. I understood obviosly he had JQ-QK-KJ. I called him and was right - nothing, Just two over cards.

 After a couple hands  I got AKs with 15-17 BB stack. I saw push from 12 BB stack and call from 6BB. There were five players left and I called it as well. Luckily I got two pairs and became the 1st. Next hand I got QK one folded and I pushed it at short guy, got call with 9T and won. Heads up finished very fast as well. The first hand he pushed was 67 and I called with AJ and here we are! 

 I understand that I was really lucky with hands dealed to me and opponets calls. Hope you can read this note and understand my explanations. Wish you good luck as a rule!