Good afternoon!

 Today is one month since I made my first deposite and started to play poker at Poker Stars. Means I can't  play '100K' freerolls anymore. Well I learned a lot about poker alas I'm still a realy weak player. Seems like there are many thing to study and practice. 

 As you can remember I started from 10 USD, tryed myself at micro limits, didn't used BM and almost lost all 10. Then I decided to be smarter, climb up step by step. At this moment I have 18.27 $ and it makes me upset. I rolled around 600 S&G, and a couple free rolls. Next month will be really importent for me, it will show can I play poker or should find another things to do. Luckily  I have a lot of free time for play. Actually I'm free all the time. Hope I will do it well using my new knowledge and experience.

 All the best.