Good morning!

 I want to start with the good news. Two days before I played 20 S&G tournaments and got three 2nd places. In another four I was in prize. I have no idea why I was so lucky. May be It means that I choose the correct line or just coinsidence. Anyway from 8 or 9 dollars I boosted to 23. It's amazing in my mind. Yesterday I got one 4 th position and improved to 24.95. Actually that was enough for first step up and roll 0.25 USD S&G. At that moment I decided to be very strict with myself and stay on my old limits until I'll see 25 dollars or more. May be it's just stupid but I gave promise to myself and I shall keep it. 

 Now about bad knews that made me so upset. The issue is my internet connection. You know, Thailand is realy nice country in some ways but internet here is terrible. All offers are not suitable and I loose my connection at the very responsible moments. When you roll 4 or 5 table at the same time - all moment are responsible. Here I can't do anything only be cool-headed and let it be. 

 One more moment that makes me disappoint is my heads-up. I've never been at the first position which means I can't play heads-up. There were twice when I had more equity. Once I pushed AJ vs 23 and in another case 77 vs 89. That were bad beats. But it's only two times from seven or smth like that. Once we were heads-up with one fellow around fifteen minutes and I can say unreservedly it was the most difficult game I use to play in my life and he was cooler than me. Well guys I will be really happy in case you will give me some information about heads-up or may be just your advice from own experience. Anyway I hope you are doing well also! Don't forget to post in blog and good luck!