Hi there!
 Quite a long time I didn't write here, 'caze nothing important is going on in my poker world. I've got some money from freerolls and 0.1 S&G for 360 players. Actually when I just started to write here about two weeks ago I had only one US dollar. At this moment I have elevan and it's also small succes. 

 I decided don't pay much attention to 'Poker School' Freerolls this month 'cause I have no enough points at last. Even I will be in first 500 posistions what will a get? In my mind it's better to get some points at this month I try myself at the next. One more reason it's trip to Malaysia at the end of August where I will not be able to play poker at all. I just want to spend time strolling around Kuala Lumpur and speaking with new or old friends which I was lucky to met in Nepal last year.

 Well now I will try to do my best in S&G. The point is 25 USD Bankroll which enables to get into 0.25 fee  tournaments. God bless bankroll management!