Good morning for everyone!

 Yesterday I almost didn't roll and spent my time with gf. Just played one '100K' freeroll where got minimal prize. Two days before I tried myself in School freeroll and achieved 161 or 171 position which not so bad. I got 300 place at 'Hubble's' and here is my opinion - It's the most boring tournament I've ever been involved. People there are weak or better to say lax. Here the most popular mistakes: 

 1. Push at the first stage of tournament;
 2. Call at the first stage;
 3. Call with weak hands. Probably they just have no idea about equity of hands;
 4. Inability to fold post flop even they have just a bottom pair.
 5. May be you will not believe me but they go in sit out! It's better to fold everything apart from premium hand than do this. 

 All this reasons are made them defenseless against my triples. I just call with any pair BB or can easy fold it in case I see any rasies. As a rule it's fore or five players and belive me - they will never fold top pair or two of them.

 Hope, it was usefull for begginers like me. Next time I will tell you about my own stratagy and styles. 
 P.S. Don't use it against of me ^^