Hi guys,

As you know it's my third day in school and I still didn't complete my quiz. I shall do it today. I had some bad experience in school freerolls and can say thats just a big lottery where I have better chance to win. Almost all players do crazy pushes and probably they have no idea about tourney stage. I have been bitten trice with KK, AA by rubbish hands like 58 or 24. Well, thats no so bad on the distance, I have to adept my game in next times. First of all I realised that what ever you bet there they will call it. My usual raise 3 BB is not suitable. I waste my chips with AJ, AQ and AK. Thats a good hands but when five people call you with pairs and connectors that cards can't stand. I started to do 2 BB raise which was so halfwit in my mind before. You can be s**** - they will not fold cards as well and you always have a pretty big pot. At the second round you can fold it easy 'coze didn't spent much chips. 

 Now about my little success. '100K deposite' I had finished at 409 place and won 0.75 USD. Actually It could be much better without some persons who played for time. Even after bubble they still wanted to get two extra cents. Well we played hand to hand and waited few people for sixty seconds each. I had about 30 BB in my stack and after all I was just with 10 without any moves. But it's not the worst thing. Somthing happened with mine connection. I use to see it before when I was at the final table with first stack in 360 S&G. Somehow I have got the second place with all chance to get first one. Anyway 75 cents is not so bad!

 Thats all for this moment! See you around guys, all the best!