Hi there! My name is Alex and I just started to play poker. I was born in Russia but moved to Thailand about nine months ago. Well, it seems like I will stay here for a while. As you can understand, english is not my first language, I started to learn it by my own in traveling two years ago, hope you will be able to read my notes. In my mind idea of this blog is pretty nice, I can imrove my poker skills and english as well. 

 I have made 10$ deposite and started from 10cc S&G for 360 players. Alas my sanity still not strong enough and somehow I have lost big part of my bankroll in 1 and 2 USD buy in tournaments. So yesterday I promised to myself to stop it, 'couse... you know why. 

 Probably too many words for firs note, I'm going to watch video and see you around!