The UK TV show" News at Ten"  has just finished, and one of my favourite TV programmes" News Night" is just about to start.

Its not that i particularly enjoy watching News Night, or any other TV programmes for that matter, it's just that i know that in thirty minutes time, when the programmme finishes, the magic hours begin.

The beginning of the programme heralds the start of the close down of my house for the night. Peace and quiet will descend, my wife will be in bed, and by the time the programme finishes i will be in my den playing poker.

My wife calls it a study, I call it my den, but in reality Its a converted workshop and garage at the back of our house which has become my poker haven.

I have been online most of the day using my laptop in the house, logged into skype, and Pokerschoolonline, moderating the forums  trying to  help  our members, and chatting to my poker friends from around the world. Its been a good day.

News night has nearly finished, time to put a few more logs on the fire in my den, turn on my computer, and fill the coffee machine.

Did i tell you that we have two quite small dogs? "no" , well they seem to know when news night is about to finish, they scuttle of upstairs, jump on the bed and cuddle down, but not for long. My wife is a fairly restless sleeper and it wont be long befor the dogs get fed up  dodging restless legs.

Finally all is quiet, the house has settled down for the night.

I make my way to my poker den with a feeling of great anticipation, dim the lights, let the dogs in, they having once again escaped unharmed from the restless legs, settle down in my favourite chair near the fire, pour out the first of several cups of coffee,  fire up PokerStars  and settle down  for  the nights poker session.

The magic hours have arrived