Thought i would spend some time looking around the main site lobby to find out as much as i could about some of the features available that i havn't used befor, or even didn't know existed.



I am amazed by whats available to players, and thought i would share my journey of discovery with you.

The PokerStars software gives you the best poker playing experience available anywhere online,

The first option i looked at was "Run it Twice", and here is the info as supplied by PokerStars.

 Run It Twice (Beta) - We have been working on Run It Twice, and are now ready to deploy it as a Beta feature in the main clients. To recap for players who might not yet be familiar with the feature, Run It Twice allows players to have the remaining board cards dealt twice once everyone is all in. The pot is split in two and awarded for each ‘board’ separately. Players must ‘opt in’ to always use Run It Twice when the opportunity arises.

You can configure Run It Twice settings from ‘Options’ > ‘Run It Twice (Beta)’, and select the following choices:

    Never (default)
    By Table (default On)
    By Table (default Off)

Everyone remaining in a hand when action is completed needs to have elected to Run It Twice in order for it to actually happen. If any of the participants in the hand have not turned on this feature in advance, the board will run out normally, one time, for all players.

We will not charge extra rake for Run It Twice hands.

Well thats it for this one, will have at look at some other options next time.