Well I have graduated up to the "big leagues". Finished mid 300's in the Open skill league and got me an easy $5 for my efforts. 

Now is when it will get interesting. I am sure there will be a lot less sit outers in the Premier Skill League so may have to play some real poker while dodgeing the all in donks that are sure to still be around. Because of the timetables of the tournaments I am not sure how many I will be able to play but want to at least stay in the top 800 so I automatically qualify for next month. I also intend on getting over 150 FPP's so when I make any money it will be the maximum amount.

On a side note I have cashed in 6 of my last 8 MTT's so am pretty happy with my MTT play at the moment. Hopefully this will carry over to the league!

Good luck on the tables!

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